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This DVD presents a 7 minute slideshow with music, illustrating the written and spoken words of Thomas Berry, and a 9 minute video interview with him filmed in February 2006. The DVD offers the slideshow with or without text but both versions have narration. The video interview has captions to aid the viewer.
Total Running Time is 16 minutes.

The DVD is available in both PAL and NTSC formats. The PAL version is what you see on the video preview page of this site. The NTSC version is similar except for two images. If you are purchasing from the USA or from Canada and do not need to use a DVD player and television for showing the program, (i.e., you will be playing it on a computer and through digital projector), then you can order the PAL version by toggling the purchase button to 'Computer/Digital'.


DVD Purchase is processed through the secure payment site, Paypal (using the buttons below) where you can use most credit cards or set up an account (which means money moves securely from your specified bank account). Alternatively you can mail a check with your address for a DVD to be sent. Checks payable to: Caroline Webb, mailed to: 2885 Sanford Ave SW #15624, Grandville, MI 49418   Phone 415 233 7448.  Contact integralplanet at

THE PRICE IS $20.00 US inc. shipping to USA/Canada addresses. For non-US buyers, the price is $23.50 inc shipping

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I am probably repeating myself but that won't hurt as I can hardly say thank you too many times to you who have for so long and so creatively spent your life to further Thomas's vision of Earth community and its function as divine revelation.
Margaret Berry, Aide and Sister of Thomas Berry 7/13/09
Thanks so much for the DVD of Thomas. I love it. It is so right for the group of 165 teachers with whom
I will meet on September 26th. Gratefully, and with Solstice Blessings for you,
Daisy Radigan 9/18/09
I will share a story with you. I teach a unit on Developing Env. Ethics. I decided to show your DVD as an introductory activity which is a wonderful beginning activity. The remarkable thing that happened occurred when the 6 minute film was finished. Not one teenager talked for 4 minutes. Each person simply looked at the screen where the action had taken place. They wanted to know more about this man named Thomas Berry.
Randy Senzig, Fuquay-Varina High School in Wake County, NC 11/5/08
I was very pleased to find and see the high quality of your DVD. I had googled "Thomas Berry" and found the u tube one and then followed the link to earth community. I was excited that I could preview the DVD first to see if it was what I wanted before ordering it. In our St. Anne's Catholic Parish in Wausau, WI, this year our theme for our Journey in Faith process for our parish is the Catholic Church Social teachings. This month we are on the care of our environment so your video is a good introduction to our topic. We'll have about 400 people viewing it and then going off in different sessions to continue with the earth care theme. I was certainly glad to have found your DVD.
Thanks so much again for caring so much that Thomas Berry's ideas are spread to more people.
Shalom! Jenny Murphy, 11/19/09
I have been involved in organising "Earth is Community" for some time, and we are now basking in the success of a wonderful day. I was entranced by your slide show, which came on as people were entering, and again later in the day.
It really did set the tone for the whole day. Many thanks for this.
Chris Clarke, Organizer, Celebrating Thomas Berry Event in London, UK. 9/17/07
I'm just done watching your video - such beauty. I am awash with what I call 'the golden chills' from above my body. In the language of my body, that is a very strong "Yes" to your art, and to what drives you from the core of your being.
You are wide awake and walking and it comes through clearly.
Christopher Reynolds, musician, healer and teacher at Berea High School, Ashland, Ohio 11/ 25/ 2009
I just watched the video. It's perfect for my college course, since we are now reading The Great Work. Your video will be really helpful for me. I'll show it this Thursday in class. Several of my students are not getting Thomas Berry because it's something so new to them and some college students think if something doesn't come easy to them then they don't have to engage it. Your video is very concise and, amazingly, will pull together the very readings we did for this week. This work is too important for them not to get, so I am always looking for resources that will contribute to their understanding. Thanks for contributing to that Great Work! Thanks for your creativity and for this very enjoyable and helpful video.
Richie Townsend 11/6/08
I learned about the DVD through the Passionist community website where they had items related to Fr. Berryç—´ death. I just clicked on the link they provided and found your wonderful DVD. I will be using the DVD in our residential senior community. We have 300 active seniors in independent living, and I hope to plan a whole series of opportunities that, hopefully, will inspire and energize people about the need to care for Earth. Blessings on your continued work.
Sister Mary Ann Hills, OCW. 6/30/09
I want to tell you that the multi media presentation of Thomas's message was a huge hit!! We showed it twice, with two minutes of silence in between and afterward .. .and you could have heard a pin drop . . .it was awesome!
Susannah Malarkey O.P, Santa Sabina Retreat Center, San Rafael, 6/24/06
I just watched your marvelous slide show with excerpts of the writings of Thomas Berry and wondered whether you would give me permission to show it during a presentation I am giving this Sunday entitled “Ecocentric Perspectives of Global Warming—Toward an Earth Jurisprudence” at the University of Illinois in Chicago.  I also wondered whether I could have permission to show it in my law classes in the future (I teach Environmental Law and Property). It would be difficult to top the majesty of your work!
Patrick E. Tolan, Jr. Associate Professor of Law, Barry University, Orlando, Florida 5/15/08
Thank you. You have done a wonderful thing. Thomas is a great vision keeper. And you have turned his vision into a public artwork. Thank you for making it possible for more people to share the vision.
Patrick McDermott, 10/30/08
I think your slide show is dynamite and would like to share it with students. The Berry interview is immeasurably important. Getting his reflections at this time is a stroke of genius.
Phil Snow Gang, 8/9/08
I am avid for anything you do on Thomas Berry especially something fairly short which can be used with people who haven't read "The Universe Story" etc. but who want to know more about all of this.
Jean Newbold, London, UK. Teacher, 11/17/08

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